Don't Let Your Bytes Go Out Alone.

7Bridge creates secure pathways to protect your data wherever it may roam.

Data Redirection Made Simple

Point your application’s network traffic at 7Bridge and send it safely to any remote destination.

No VPNs Required

Ditch the need to buy expensive equipment and high-cost IT consultants to configure secure communications with archaic technologies.

No 3rd Parties

You can use 7Bridge on your own server whether it's on-premise or hosted. No need to blindly trust a 3rd party with your stuff.

No Tedious Installs

With fast activation and easy installation you'll have secure communications in no time at all. Production-ready in minutes, not weeks.

  • Supports standard HL7 MLLP data transfer
  • SIngle messages or streams of message data
  • Transparent pass-through invisible to your app
  • Fast multi-threaded connections over the net
  • Reliability of an OS-level Windows service
  • Embedded web server/socket for direct control

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